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The London Shakespeare Centre team at King's ran several projects under the Shakespeare400 banner throughout 2016. This blog is made up of contributions from the academic team, about their projects, as well as Early Modern and Shakespeare Studies students who have been involved in the activities.

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  • Shakespeare’s Sister at the King’s 'What You Will' Festival

    Post by Emma Whipday, Teaching Fellow in Shakespeare and Early Modern English Literature In my play Shakespeare’s Sister, recently published by Samuel French and performed in a staged reading at the King’s ‘What You Will Festival’ in February 2016, I follow Woolf in reimagining the life of a canonical writer from the perspective of those who were forbidden the roles of actor and writer: the women who lived on the edge of the world of the theatre, but couldn’t inhabit it. Read more...

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  • BBC iWonder Guide on Global Shakespeare

    Post by Sonia Massai, Professor of Shakespeare Studies A new BBC iWonder Guide devoted to Global Shakespeare was published online yesterday. I was very excited to be part of this project, which offers a snapshot of how international theatre artists work with Shakespeare, by translating his plays and resetting them in new contexts, thus making them more accessible and relevant to non-English audiences worldwide. Read more...

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  • Shakespeare400: A Day to Remember

    Post by Gordon McMullan, Professor of English and Academic Director of Shakespeare400 A hundred years ago, for the Shakespeare Tercentenary of 1916, there was a slight awkwardness (over and above, I mean, other slight awkwardnesses of the moment such as the First World War and the Easter Rising in Dublin). It struck someone in government that 23 April that year was not only the three-hundredth anniversary of Shakespeare’s death but also Easter Sunday (not to mention St George’s Day). Read more...

  • Still Shakespeare Animation Project

    Post by Sally Barnden, PhD candidate in the Department of English Yesterday evening at the Curzon cinema in Soho, five short experimental animated films had their premiere screening as the culmination of the ‘Still Shakespeare’ project. Still Shakespeare is a collaboration between Film London Moving Image Network (FLAMIN), King’s College London, Th1ng and Sherbet which aimed to produce original films based on my research on Shakespearean iconography. Read more...

  • Shakespeare400: A life’s work. A 400-year legacy. A year of celebrations.

    Post by Gordon McMullan, Professor of English and Academic Director of Shakespeare 400 The creation of Shakespeare400 began as far back as 2011 in the build-up to the ever-so-slightly-random attachment of Shakespeare to the London Olympics in the shape of the World Shakespeare Festival. The exact occasion was the signing of a memorandum of understanding between King’s College London and the National Theatre so that NT Live showings could take place at King’s’ Strand campus. Read more...