I’m not going to sugar coat this 

Or woo you with false compliments in hope of a kiss 

Your eyes my mistress, haven’t the slightest similarity to the sun 

Corals are a long way from your lips, ask anyone 

The snow makes your breasts appear a brownish gray 

Unfortunately I can’t compare thee to a summer’s day 

I could say your hair resembles gold 

But the image of black wires seems more fitting 

Would you rather I continued or withhold? 


The colour in your cheeks is only an illusion 

however I have come to this conclusion  

Some perfumes bring me delight 

Yet the mere odour of your breath 

I find it hard to articulate the scent let alone for me to write 

I usually like to hear you talk 

Although music has a more pleasing sound 

Still I’ve never seen a Goddess walk 

However you my mistress, walk on the ground 


There is no doubt that what I feel for you is true 

Yet despite all of this I know that this love is rare 

Still you know that anyone else’s love could never compare