Student reviews

In order to create an archive of the Shakespeare 400 activities that took place across all the partner organisations in 2016, a team of students at King's College London, from various disciplines and levels of study, reviewed as many of the events as possible. 

Below are all of the reviews. Use the search box to find reviews of a particular event.

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  • Read Not Dead: The Coxcomb

    Review by Nina Romancikova, MA Shakespeare Studies. The 1616 celebrations of Cervantes' influence on English drama concluded with this witty and raucously funny play inspired by Don Quixote. Part of the Read Not Dead: 1616 staged reading series. Read more...

    Read Not Dead: The Coxcomb
  • The Shadow King

    Review by Shehrazade Zafar-Arif, MA Shakespeare Studies. One can read King Lear countless times and pick out a new central, driving theme each time. The theme Michael Kantor picked was land. It was prevalent in the sand that covered the stage of the Barbican, imported from Australia, where the production originates. Read more...

    shadow king
  • Read Not Dead: Love’s Pilgrimage

    Review by Natalia Fantetti, BA English. In Fletcher’s rarely performed tragicomedy, first staged in 1616, two young women adopt male disguises in the hope of pursuing their mutual love. Part of the Read Not Dead: 1616 staged reading series. Read more...

    Read Not Dead: Love’s Pilgrimage
  • Christopher Wheeldon's 'The Winter's Tale'

    Review by Gemma Miller, PhD Candidate in English Adapting one of Shakespeare’s most notoriously problematic plays into its first full-length ballet was a brave decision by choreographer Christopher Wheeldon. First staged in 2014, the idea arose out of a conversation with Nicholas Hytner, who was then artistic director at the National Theatre. Read more...

  • Original Pronunciation: Dr Faustus by Christopher Marlowe

    Review by Shehrazade Zafar-Arif, MA Shakespeare Studies, King’s College London Christopher Marlowe’s 'The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus', or more commonly known as 'Doctor Faustus', follows the titular Faustus, a scholar who strikes a bargain with the devil in pursuit of knowledge and power. Read more...

  • Ivo van Hove’s 'Kings of War'

    Review by Rebecca Watson, MA Shakespeare Studies Just last year, the RSC staged what they called the 'Kings and Country' history cycle of Shakespeare’s history plays, covering the deposition of Richard II to the rise and success of Henry V. Now Ivo van Hove’s dazzling four-and-a-half hour Dutch production, Kings of War, covers the next generation of rulers Read more...