Below are the events that took place outside of the What you Will festival - Take a look at the listings
King's Brazil Ensemble Performance: "Canções Cortesãs"

Tuesday 29 November 2016
A performance by the King's Brazil Ensemble with music composed by renowned Brazilian composer, Harry Crowl especially for the King's Shakespeare Festival.  Inspired by Shakespeare's sonnets and sung in Portuguese.

Sprung from Shakespeare - schools poetry competition winners' event

Friday 21 October 2016
This poetry competition, held as part of the Shakespeare400 Widening Participation project, asked secondary school students to write a poem in response to a Shakespeare sonnet. The winners recited their work as well as claiming their prizes at this event.

Still Shakespeare - Animated shorts screening & talk

Thursday 20 October 2016
A screening of 5 short animated films, commissioned by King's College London and Film London for Shakespeare 400, inspired by some of Shakespeare's best loved plays.

Shakespearean Evensong

Tuesday 4 October 2016
The King's College London choir presented music that would ahve been heard in church services during Shakespeare's day.

Ninagawa x Shakespeare

Wednesday 21 September 2016
An illustrated talk by Yuriko Akishima that explored the Shakespeare adaptations of renowned theatre director Yukio Ninagawa.

'The very age and body of the time': Shakespeare's world

Thursday 16 June - Saturday 24 September 2016
Exhibition of archive material looking at different aspects of Shakespeare's world, including Shakespeare's London, the New World, Medicine and Religion.

Hamlet at Elsinore Castle 1816-2016

Friday 5 - Tuesday 9 August 2016

This exhibition celebrated the tradition of performing Shakespeare at Elsimore Castle in Denmark, and included archive material and photos illustrating the story of Hamlet 'on location' since the 19th century.

World Shakespeare Congress: Creating and Re-creating Shakespeare

Sunday 31 July - Saturday 6 August 2016
The 2016 World Shakespeare Congress celebrated Shakespeare’s memory and the global cultural legacy of his works.

1616 - The Secrets and Passions of William Shakespeare

Thursday 21 - Friday 22 July 2016
Transatlantyk2 presented their acclaimed one-man play, which dramatically recreates Shakespeare’s life, loves and works.

Lucie Skeaping presents 'Singing Simpkin' & 'The Humour of John Swabber' - two short bawdy comedies with music

Tuesday 21 June 2016
A semi-staged performance in period costume, introduced by Lucie Skeaping (presenter of BBC Radio Three's Early Music Show and co-author of Singing Simpkin and Other Bawdy Jigs) and Tamsin Lewis (director of Passamezzo).

Shakespeare: Print & Performance

Saturday 11 June 2016

This launch event celebrated the new free online King's course

Multilingual Shakespeare Mash-up: It’s easy to mingle when you’re multilingual

Sunday 8 May 2016
The Swiss Stage Bards (University of Fribourg) performed extracts from The Merchant of Venice, Love's Labours Lost, and Henry V.

Shakespeare's Musical Brain Conference

Saturday 16 April 2016
This conference looked at the relationship between words and music in aesthetic and scientific terms.

In Nature's Mystery More Science: 'Forbidden Planet'

Wednesday 16 March 2016
The Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Sciences presented a screening of Forbidden Planet (based on the Tempest) with a post screening talk, exploring science in Shakespeare.

Shakespeare and the Law Moot

Tuesday 15 March 2016
King's presented a mock Shakespearean court case with King's Law School students. Arbitrators were Lord Judge, Lady Justice Arden and Dean David Caron.

A performance of The Woman Hater

Saturday 12 March
Performance of Beaumont's 'The Woman Hater'.

Beaumont400 Conference

Friday 11 - Saturday 12 March 2016
In this conference the London Shakespeare Centre's Shakespeare400 celebrations are hijacked and Beaumont is given the critical limelight with a symposium and a performance of his first play, The Woman Hater, by Edward’s Boys.

In Nature's Mystery More Science: 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead'

The Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Sciences presented a screening of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard (inspired by Hamlet) with a post-screening talk, exploring science in Shakespeare.

Shakespeare in 1916

February-May 2016
This exhibition, on display in the Entrance Hall Cabinets of King's Strand campus, highlighted how Shakespeare was remembered in 1916 and how he was studied. It included materials from the Skeat and Furnival collections.