Student reviews

In order to create an archive of the Shakespeare 400 activities that took place across all the partner organisations in 2016, a team of students at King's College London, from various disciplines and levels of study, reviewed as many of the events as possible. 

Below are all of the reviews. Use the search box to find reviews of a particular event.

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  • Reinterpreting Shakespeare's Will

    Review by Jamie Weisz, MA Early Modern History. Aside from his work, arguably the most discussed aspect of Shakespeare’s legacy has been his will. We can learn a lot about people and the past through wills. What possessions did someone have? Who was the most important people in a persons life? Read more...

  • Hamlet at Elsinore 1816-2016

    Review by Gemma Miller, PhD Candidate, English. Director Tyrone Guthrie once remarked that ‘Hamlet is always going on somewhere’. However, performing at Elsinore, at the play’s political, emotional and dramatic heart, must rank amongst the most exciting and career-defining moments for any actor. Read more...

  • Shakespeare Burlesqued

    Review by Eleonora Sammartino, PhD candidate, Film Studies. It could be argued that parody is the sincerest form of flattery. Certainly, the well-established tradition of burlesques was a sign of the popularity and success of Shakespeare in the 19th century just as much as “bardolatry”. Read more...

  • Metamorphosis of 'New Place'

    Review by Jamie Weisz, MA Early Modern Studies. Although Shakespeare died four hundred years ago, he lives on to this day through the countless adaptations of his original plays. But what of the man himself? What aspects of his life changed, and what impact did those events have on his work? Read more...

  • Exploring the Sonnets

    Review by Abby Draycott. The esteemed Sir Brian Vickers led an evening at Senate House dedicated to exploring Shakespeare’s sonnets, ensuring an erudite and illuminating occasion. Joined by renowned actors Edward Fox, Joanna David and Dominic West, each with firm Shakespearean roots, Read more...

  • The Shadow King

    Review by Shehrazade Zafar-Arif, MA Shakespeare Studies. One can read King Lear countless times and pick out a new central, driving theme each time. The theme Michael Kantor picked was land. It was prevalent in the sand that covered the stage of the Barbican, imported from Australia, where the production originates. Read more...

    shadow king
  • Macbeth on the Victorian Stage

    Review by Eleonora Sammartino, PhD candidate, Film Studies. The walk through the deserted halls of an after hours Senate House Library, offering a glimpse of the “Shakespeare: Metamorphosis” exhibition, and the sound of a summer thunderstorm brewing in the background Read more...